Wednesday, November 11, 2020

CyberSmart combined with Room 4

 Kia Ora everyone!

This week for CyberSmart Room 8 and Room 4 combined to do 1 massive lesson altogether with Phil. The focus was Creating Media, where students analysed different adds to understand the purpose of them and deciding who the target audience was. The Create task involved the students working in groups to create a video to teach people about an aspect of our Wesley Intermediate culture. Be sure to check out our Room 8 student blogs for the videos! Our students really enjoyed the session and gained some great new skills in the process. Thanks to Phil for another great session!

Here's a shot of our two classes working hard on their CyberSmart session

Monday, October 19, 2020

Kids voting @ Wesley Intermediate

 Kia Ora everyone!

What an interesting weekend it was! Who could have seen the Election playing out in the way that it did in the end? New Zealand has put its trust in Labour to deliver and to get us through the economic recession that we now find ourselves in thanks to Covid-19. 

It'll also be interesting to see the results of the two referenda once they are released to the public. 

During the week before the Election, we at Wesley did our own voting. Below are the results:

Friday, October 16, 2020

Free Soup Kitchen every Thursday @ Wesley Community Centre!

Hi everyone! 

Starting October 22nd, LIFE Soup Kitchens will be running a free hot meal service for our community at the Wesley Community Centre from 6-7pm every Thursday. Tell your friends and family to come down and get a free feed!

More information below! You can also follow @lifesoupkitchen on Instagram or 'LIFE Soup Kitchen' on Facebook for regular updates

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Kids Election in Room 8 @ WIS

Nia hao everyone, 

This week in Room 8 @ WIS, along with commemorating Chinese and NZSL weeks, we have been learning about Politics in New Zealand and how our political system works in preparation for the upcoming Election on October 17th. 

Along with learning about how the voting system works, we had some really robust discussions and debates around the two referenda that New Zealand will be voting on, come Election day. These are two really significant votes in the history of our nation, and we agreed that it was important to make sure we understood what they would mean for our futures and that of our country. 

Our learning around this topic concluded with conducting our Kids Election, thanks to the replica voting papers and ballot box sent to us by the Electoral Commision. Our class really enjoyed this process and learnt a lot about a process that they themselves will be taking part in in a couple of election's time. 

Below are some photos of the process, along with an insight as to what a Room 8-elected Parliament would look like.

Enjoy the holidays and all the best for Term 4!

Mr F and Room 8 @ WIS


Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Room 8 CyberSmart via Google Meet - Week 7 Term 3

Hi everyone! 

Apologies, firstly, for not posting for a while - things have been crazy with dealing with all that Covid has meant for learning and what it looks like over the past few months. Having had a great couple of sessions with Phil from Ako Hiko via Meet during the lockdown, we again decided that it would be the best and safest way of continuing with CyberSmart once we were back at school.


This session was on Writing Quality Blog Comments. We had a small number of students from our class present and participating today, but the Meet recording will go up on our class site for other students to catch up when they can, either at home or when they are back at school. Those who took part today really enjoyed the session and got a lot out of it. 

You can check out the blogs of those who participated today by following these links:

Below are some images of the guys during the session today   

Natalia and Lucretia

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Week 9 CyberSmart in Room 8 - 'Blogger Profiles"

Kia Ora everyone!

This week for CyberSmart we are learning about Blog Profiles, and rather than you just read what I have to say about what we did, I thought we'd do things a bit differently! I'd love to hear what you have to say in the comments about what we have to say. 

Here is what me (Mr Ferguson) and a few of our students had to say about what we covered in this session:
Here's what Michael had to say about today's session:  

Here's what Lucretia had to say about today's session:  

Here's what Richard had to say about today's session:

We hope that you enjoyed looking at this different type of content today! Please leave any feedback that you have about our class' learning and if you enjoyed watching the clips. 

Have a great week!

Mr Ferguson and Room 8

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa in Room 8

Talofa lava everyone, 

Week 7 of Term 2 marks Samoan Language Week or Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa. 
To commemorate this at Wesley Intermediate week, we have been doing a few things.

Each day there is a phrase that students have to translate in order to get house points for their house. 
Below are the slides that we have been viewing each day with the phrase. Do you know what answers to these questions are??
In addition to this, we have also been having a house volleyball competition. Windsor played off against Marlborough for the 3rd/4th play off at morning tea today, and Sandringham are playing Edinburgh at lunchtime to see who the champions will be! 

We also have a Pasifika-themed mufi day on Friday!

Faafetai and alofa atu,
Mr Ferguson